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Our offers in the fields of the service and production / manufacturing.

We specialized on the switchboard building in the field the Mess-, rule and control technique, when we gained long-standing experiences. In particular on following fields:

Building of controls with SPS or personal computer industry (for example         Siemens S5-100U, S5-95U, S5-115U S7 200, S7-300, S7-400, Sinumeric, Sirotec, Kloeckner burden, mushroom, Mitsubishi, Omron Allen-Bradley, Klaschka) or also conventionally the VDE or after US-American UL Norm)

Building of controls, Siemens S7 untiluntil December 2000 we had realized approx. 350 plants from that, under that also the Ford project, Pamela Portugal

Newest products as an internal development are a Linux System with SoftSPS and visualization

Machine and plant installations

Electrical Mondays and dismantling of machines and plants

Mess- and control engineering
(for example according to gas switching stations with the company WAEGA and Elektrizitaetswerk Wesertal and for the local drinking water supply and gas supply, partial Ex-Protected plants)

In addition we are active also in all other fields of the electrocraft, as for example.

Exporting from electrical installations

Sale and installations of satellite-plants

Sale and installations of phone plant, car phones, handys

Sale and installations of satellite plants setting-up and Internet installation

Sale of household utensils

Sale of HIFI products

Sale of industry-segment software

Spoke-, Alarm-, Lightning Protection-, fire protection systems

Lamp sale and Monday

Installation of electro storeroom heating

Rental company of light and clayclay plants

Building automatic system

Core removing hole borings

Edges and rims of sheet steels to 10 mm

Engraving of signs and front panels of all kind on CNC engraving-center

Maintenance and repair - also abroad

- According to According to declaration of 24 hours stand-by duty
- Remote monitoring
- Maintenance planning
- Balcony situation redevelopment
- To Mondays and to dismantling

We keep on having also following CAD systems:


A-Cad with machine gun Cad

WS Cad

Tree Cad

What concerns the kind of the jobsjobs as also the working time / distancedistance, we completely base ourselves on the ideasideas of our customers. Night work as well as jobjob at sunning and celebrating-days are not a problem for us. We guarantee:




Please test our capability and operability.

We hope for your interest at a cooperation and would be pleased with comingcoming into business detail with you.

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