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Reference galary

On this page we have a small galary where some of our previous projects are displayed.

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Gasübergabestation Wesertal
Main control cabinets for the gas station Wesertal. The contract was so large that the job was divided between three firms (FAM Intergas in Gotha, Wäga in Kassel, and Südrohrbau in Butzbach). We constructed a specially modified control cabinet for the gas delivery station in Erfurt.
Gasübergabestation Erfurt
From 1994 to 1998 we were involved with the construction of about 260 regulation measurement cabinets for gas delivery stations.
Robotor 6-Achsen-Steuerung, Metallwerke Meinerzhagen
Robot 6 axis-steering, complete electronic components, felloe processing Firma Otto Fuchs, Metallwerke Meinerzhagen.
Schleifrobotor, Firma Hornung
Grinding robots to process gauges. Firma Hornung, Lindau am Bodensee.
Bearbeitungsstraße Chrysler
The assembly line for USA CHRYSLER Detroit. Here the interior lining for Chrysler at atomatic and mainstations were : riveted, welded, bent, pressed, and heated.
Schaltschränke Neue Sorge Rositz
The construction and documentation of 60 control cabinets and desks were completed in a record time of two months for Neu Sorge Rositz Thüringen. In order to clear the tar lake a prototype system was specially developed.
With the help of our qualified staff we were able to divide into two shifts and finish the construction within two months, working 14 to 18 hours daily.
Lastverteilung TECHNAZENTRA Kassel
Distributer TECHNAZENTRA Kassel.
Meßsystem CONTI Hannover
Measuring system CONTI Hannover.
Gesamtschule Kassel
University Kassel
SPS K&MPS 316, Project Schönhausen.
SPS K&M PS 316, Project Schönhausen, University Kassel.
Kläranlage Schönhausen
Purification plant Schönhausen-24 control cabinets completely with SPS-steering, gas regulation system and visualising.
VW Barcelona
Control cabinets EWAB: Project VW Barcelona
Schulerpresse Obertshausen
Complete reconstruction of a press with control cabinets and electronic installations at: Fima Herzig und Schroth in Obertshausen
Schaltpulte Daimler Benz
Control desks for Daimler Benz in Sindelfingen
Bilderkastensteuerung Firma Braun
For the firm Braun in Melsungen we constructed a picture-case steering. Here you can see seven different exhibition walls. Contractor: Firma Knauf, exhibition Construction
Müllverbrennungsteuerung Portugal
SConstruction of control panels with PC-network for workplace extension (Portugal)
Verladung eines Schaltschrankes
Loading of a 5,40m long control cabinet for the drying sawdust ( Metallwerk Oettinger Tempelhof GmbH)
Steering technology Biodieselsystem; PC-contolled work with Soft SPS and visualising with Linux, own constructions

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