WIRA-Schaltanlagenbau GmbH


The company history

Founded in the year 1988 through Christoph Winter, the switchboard building WIRA developed GmbH to itself to a young high-powered company.

In our again constructed buildings with 2000 square meters of total area workshop, construction, offices, warehouse and lab are integrated. The workshop face contains 750 square meters. This face is suitable also for the reequipment of gross devices as presses, articulated link shears and so forth. The offices are endowed with most modern IT-technique, and CAD workstations. As CAD systems we use E-plan, WS CAD, AutoCAD with MG-CADS.

The warehouse capacity contains approx. 15.000 articles and more than 150.000 m of cords. Thus we have a high measure of flexibility in order to react to short-run requirement of our customers. If this should not be the case once, we can make also other articles so be delivered as quickly as possible because we are supplied by our main suppliers daily.

Our company that employs 30 employees as a small production and craft company is internationally rule and tax technique in the individually achieved plant engineering in the fields active. A high measure of flexibility, quality, adherence to schedules, capability and operability form the basis for our successful cooperation. Our entrepreneurial services distinguish us as a qualified partner for the building of controls, machine and plant installations as well as the electric arrangement and dismantling of machines and plants. Problem factors are solved cooperatively.

In order to attain the fullest contentment of our customers, precise and effective working of ours is uppermost commandment.

Our personnel participate continuously in fort formations, around on the newest state of the art be. Through very qualified personnel, we can guarantee a high measure of quality.

Our young, friendly and professionally very much well gold formed team looks forward to a good cooperation with you.


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