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10 years of WIRA Winter switchboards GmbH


In 1991 a new company was founded to GmbH WIRA out of the single enterpriseenterprise Christoph Winter.

The society is worldwide active in the switchboard building, the industry arrangementarrangement, communications system as well as the housing technical services. Special emphases form the commitmentcommitment of the stored-program controls as well as the deliberation and evolution of individual projects. Is worked in two spacious resonances in the trade area Vaake south in which workshops, office rooms, warehouses and lab are integrated. In the hall new, almost 1000 square meters big, even grossgross devices as presses and dies at every day and night time can be adapted.

The company supplies namenhafte companies in Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland and also outside of Europe, so for example in Norway, America, Poland and Tschechien.

In ten years the enterprise developed, that almost 2.000 square meters production and office faces measures rebuilt roomroom, with meanwhile 30 highly qualified employees to a successful company.

The manager Christoph Winter that drives ski and Snowboard with pleasure in his extremely just limited leisure time or heats ski and Snowboard on his Motocrossmaschine to the stress remove through the fields kept a distinction in 1991 on the occasion of the existence foundation of the GmbH WIRA in the nationwide competition The most exemplary existence founders in the craft 1991.

On Friday, the 10-jaehrige existing with a day of the open door and an evening event with 225 invited visitors was celebrated the 18.Mai. An exhibition and deliberation from the fields of the housing technical services occurred at the day for at least 350 visitors.

From the proceeds, the tombola carried out during the evening event and a subsidy through the company WIRA winter, youth flat-sharing community Been in charge to the furnishings of could be handed over The Cuckoo Nest Ms Christina Kopp, and the supporting-association of the brother wrath school in Hofgeismar, Ms Britta Leisten, in total 1.400 DM.








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